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  • Co-ordinate script, camera shots, props, people, locations, wardrobe, and more ...
  • Use Multi-Cam Master's unique version tracking number to ensure that everyone has the correct version!
  • Print camera cards for all cameras with the click of a few buttons
  • Print Cue cards uniquely customised to each presenter/ actor.
  • Create running orders with specific information for each crew member.
  • Export running orders (customised as you like them) to Microsft Word or Excel so that anyone can view them.
  • Synchronise the work of several people with Multi-Cam Master's unique synchronisation system.
  • Use LIVE MODE to have Multi-Cam Master perform all your time calculations, and present you with a live streaming graphic version of your show - simply read your show off the monitor!

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Download Multi-Cam Master from the Download page.

Use Multi-Cam Master for free for a 30 day trial period.


"MCM has revolutionised my working life ... I can't imagine how I ever worked without it!"

Donovan - multi-camera director

"I insist on having the live graphic (live mode) fed to a monitor in the production area. It's comforting to see at a glance where we are, whether we're heavy or light. Everyone's on the same page"

Marc - TV producer


Multi-Cam Master has been used in Beta Testing on recent shows:

  • South African Music Awards (SAMA) 2006
  • Strictly Come Dancing SA, Season One
  • Africa is Calling - live show in Berlin on closing of World Cup 2006
  • Strictly Come Dancing SA, Season II
  • South African Film & TV Awards (SAFTA) 2006
  • Survivor SA & Survivor Africa final shows live broadcasts.
  • Golden Plume Awards
  • Summer Games (Inter-Villes) 2006 
  • Strictly Come Dancing SA, Season III
  • AFDA film school now uses MCM for all their multi-cam projects.
  • Crazy Games 2007
  • South African Film & TV Awards (SAFTA) 2007
  • Miss World 2007, live broadcast from Sanya, China
  • Strictly Come Dancing SA, Season IV


Running OrderBeta Testing

What is Beta Testing?

Beta Testing is a phase of testing that software goes through before it is released to the public. No matter how much software developers test and try to find all the errors, there is nothing to beat a real user of the application giving it a go, and generally managing to create all sorts of errors!

Are there still lots of errors?

No! We have been testing Multi-Cam Master on real TV shows since February 2006, and so we are fairly far down the line which means that errors are becoming less and less common. It is not unusual to prepare an entire show without a single error. We will keep testing the software until we are confident that all known problems and bugs have been eradicated - a process that will take another 3-4 months.

Does it involve lots of tedious reporting?

No! Multi-Cam Master has an extensive reporting facility built into it, so that if an error does occur, it will create the report that the developers need to see so that they can fix it. All you need to do is click an OK button, and the report will be emailed to us. There might occasionally be errors that are not "trapped" by our error collection system - and in that case we would appreciate you sending us a quick email describing what happened. Luckily Multi-Cam Master has a built in email sending facility - which will send the files you are working on so that we can fix them. It is as easy as clicking on File - Send, and entering the address:

Are any errors going to mean I will lose my work?

No! Multi-Cam Master has an automatic timed backup facility - it saves your work for you every 5 minutes, and so if an error does occur, and the software is unable to recover from the error, simply close the application down and restart it, then go to File - Restore Backup, and the most time you will have lost is 5 minutes worth of work. Further, in case something you did earlier triggered the error - the application keeps 5 backups available for restoring so you should never have to lose any information. If you really hit a snag, simply email the files to, and we will be able to fix the problem within a few hours, and email back your files in perfect working order! If you feel 5 minutes is too often to back up your files, simply go to Tools - Options and change the Backup Interval.

Does Beta Testing involve constantly updating the software?

Yes, but it needn't bother you because Multi-Cam Master uses a unique system of upgrading itself, silently while you work! As long as you occasionally have an internet connection while working on Multi-Cam Master it will download any upgrades that it needs (which are relatively small, because it doesn't download the entire application each time) - and it will display a message informing you that the next time you start the software it will upgrade itself.

But how do I use the software?

This is perhaps the biggest drawback to any Beta Testing phase - the User's Manual is still being written, and several video tutorials are being recorded, to cover the extensive capabilities of the software. As this material is completed, we will be making it available, both in the application and on the website. In the meantime you will need to explore the application for yourself - and email if you have any questions. Fortunately the use of the software is very intuitive, and it is really easy to learn to use! 

Why do I get a security warning when installing?

A security warning is occasionally triggered if you have high security settings on your computer - you might be told for instance that the "publisher could not be verified". This is because the software will only be given a digital security certificate once we have completed the Beta Testing. There is no danger in installing the software - it is not a virus, or otherwise harmful piece of software!

OK, so what now?

Simply go to the Download page, and download your free Beta version of Multi-Cam Master. Enjoy it!