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  • Co-ordinate script, camera shots, props, people, locations, wardrobe, and more ...
  • Use Multi-Cam Master's unique version tracking number to ensure that everyone has the correct version!
  • Print camera cards for all cameras with the click of a few buttons
  • Print Cue cards uniquely customised to each presenter/ actor.
  • Create running orders with specific information for each crew member.
  • Export running orders (customised as you like them) to Microsft Word or Excel so that anyone can view them.
  • Synchronise the work of several people with Multi-Cam Master's unique synchronisation system.
  • Use LIVE MODE to have Multi-Cam Master perform all your time calculations, and present you with a live streaming graphic version of your show - simply read your show off the monitor!

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Download Multi-Cam Master from the Download page.

Use Multi-Cam Master for free for a 30 day trial period.


"MCM has revolutionised my working life ... I can't imagine how I ever worked without it!"

Donovan - multi-camera director

"I insist on having the live graphic (live mode) fed to a monitor in the production area. It's comforting to see at a glance where we are, whether we're heavy or light. Everyone's on the same page"

Marc - TV producer


Multi-Cam Master has been used in Beta Testing on recent shows:

  • South African Music Awards (SAMA) 2006
  • Strictly Come Dancing SA, Season One
  • Africa is Calling - live show in Berlin on closing of World Cup 2006
  • Strictly Come Dancing SA, Season II
  • South African Film & TV Awards (SAFTA) 2006
  • Survivor SA & Survivor Africa final shows live broadcasts.
  • Golden Plume Awards
  • Summer Games (Inter-Villes) 2006 
  • Strictly Come Dancing SA, Season III
  • AFDA film school now uses MCM for all their multi-cam projects.
  • Crazy Games 2007
  • South African Film & TV Awards (SAFTA) 2007
  • Miss World 2007, live broadcast from Sanya, China
  • Strictly Come Dancing SA, Season IV


There are THREE versions of Multi-Cam Master:


1. A FREE version!

We make the software accessible to everyone for FREE, but with some limitations. These limitations prevent the software from being used for free in a commercial environment. If you are being paid to produce a show, then we would like to be paid for the use of our software. In line with this thinking, it is our intention that all freelance crew should be able to make use of the software for free, and so none of the limitations of the free version should impede their work.

The limitations of the free version are:

  • You cannot Print with the free version. This does not prevent you from building shows, and doing all the preparatory work, and so crew will not be affected by this limitation. 
  • You cannot Export running orders to Microsoft Word or Excel. The reason behind this is obvious (you could simply print from Word or Excel!)
  • You cannot use Live Mode with the free version. Live Mode replaces the need for running orders in many situations, and so this also needs no explanation. 

2. A Once-off Purchase of a licence

If you need to print, export or run live mode, you activate this functionality in the software by purchasing a "licence" to use the software. This can be a once-off "forever" licence, or a limited time period licence (see option 3).
Because MCM's great strength is that an entire team can work with the software, there are discounts for purchases of multiple licences:

Number Cost in Euro Discount
1 229 each not applicable
2-4 209 each 9% discount
5-9 189 each 18% discount
10 + 169 each 26% discount

3. A renewable 3-month licence

If purchasing the licence once-off is not cost effective for you, this option might suit your requirements. This does not require a large payment of money up front, but is paid for by purchasing a very affordable licence, which is renewable every three months. In this way you need only pay for the software when you need it. We are well aware of the fickle nature of the TV industry, and so don't ask you to lay out money for something that you'll only need for the few months of a particular contract. When you have the work, you pay for the licence, simple as that. Furthermore it is quite possible to work for long periods of pre-production on a completely free "limited" licence, meaning you only spend money during the production phase of the project. Note that the renewal of the licence is much cheaper than the initial 3-month licence. If you choose to cancel your subscription, and then later resume it, you will need to purchase a new Initial 3-month licence
If you purchase a 3-month licence, and later decide to purchase a once-off licence, you will receive a 10% discount off the full once-off price per 3-month period paid for. 

License Type Cost in Euro
3 Month Initial 69 each
3 Month Renewal 29 each

Educational Licenses

Multi-Cam Master is free and unrestricted (no limitations) as an annually renewable licence to all students and staff of media/film/TV educational institutes. For computers installed at educational institutes, once-off "forever" licences can be purchased at 50% of the full price. To apply for an educational licence please email Fortuna Software.

Software Upgrades

The software upgrades itself automatically (if you allow it to), and most upgrades are completely free. Only major upgrades might require a small upgrade fee.

Free Trial Period

When you first install Multi-Cam Master it is free to use, with absolutely no obligation for a 30-day trial period. After 30 days we ask that you obtain a license, either a free Limited License,  or a Comprehensive License which has no limitations. 

Why do we insist on you getting a license, even if it is for free? Call it pride! If you have a license then we are able to ensure that your software is always up to date, and there is no danger that there are old versions of our software hanging around spoiling our immaculate image!