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  • Co-ordinate script, camera shots, props, people, locations, wardrobe, and more ...
  • Use Multi-Cam Master's unique version tracking number to ensure that everyone has the correct version!
  • Print camera cards for all cameras with the click of a few buttons
  • Print Cue cards uniquely customised to each presenter/ actor.
  • Create running orders with specific information for each crew member.
  • Export running orders (customised as you like them) to Microsft Word or Excel so that anyone can view them.
  • Synchronise the work of several people with Multi-Cam Master's unique synchronisation system.
  • Use LIVE MODE to have Multi-Cam Master perform all your time calculations, and present you with a live streaming graphic version of your show - simply read your show off the monitor!

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Download Multi-Cam Master from the Download page.

Use Multi-Cam Master for free for a 30 day trial period.


"MCM has revolutionised my working life ... I can't imagine how I ever worked without it!"

Donovan - multi-camera director

"I insist on having the live graphic (live mode) fed to a monitor in the production area. It's comforting to see at a glance where we are, whether we're heavy or light. Everyone's on the same page"

Marc - TV producer


Multi-Cam Master has been used in Beta Testing on recent shows:

  • South African Music Awards (SAMA) 2006
  • Strictly Come Dancing SA, Season One
  • Africa is Calling - live show in Berlin on closing of World Cup 2006
  • Strictly Come Dancing SA, Season II
  • South African Film & TV Awards (SAFTA) 2006
  • Survivor SA & Survivor Africa final shows live broadcasts.
  • Golden Plume Awards
  • Summer Games (Inter-Villes) 2006 
  • Strictly Come Dancing SA, Season III
  • AFDA film school now uses MCM for all their multi-cam projects.
  • Crazy Games 2007
  • South African Film & TV Awards (SAFTA) 2007
  • Miss World 2007, live broadcast from Sanya, China
  • Strictly Come Dancing SA, Season IV



Multi-Cam Master Running OrderBuild Multi-camera shows from scratch

Multi-Cam Master guides you through the process of building a multi-camera show in an intuitive and logical way, starting with the overall structure of the show, and then allowing you to build the detail (script, camera script, notes, VT instructions, etc.). There are 24 elements that make up the detail of each item. With MCM the process of building a show is organic, and can happen in the way which suits the way you work. 


Running Order exported to Word from Multi-Cam Master Import & Export to/from Microsoft Word & Excel

MCM imports existing running orders from Word or Excel, making the transition to working with MCM easy and quick. Once you're working with MCM you can exchange information with members of your team who don't have MCM with ease by simply exporting a show to Word or Excel. Those people can even make changes to the show, which you can import back into MCM!

Multi-Cam Master SynchronisationSynchonise the work of several team members

Several people can work simultaneously on the same show - and then synchronise their work using MCM's unique synchronisation feature.

  • No more waiting for someone else to finish their work before you start doing yours.
  • No more facing the prospect of having to redo things because somebody else changed the show!

Multi-Cam Master Running OrderPrint Running Orders

Make sure each crew member has the information they need - no more, no less by customising the running orders you print. Stop wasting paper by printing running orders that no-one reads because they don't apply to them. MCM running orders are always appropriate and useful.

Multi-Cam Master Cue CardsPrint Cue Cards

Presenters forget their lines? Print customised cue cards for each presenter - intelligently compressed by MCM to contain only the information that each presenter needs to know. Your presenters will be armed with a small, neat pack of cards. No more standing in front of the camera with a pile of cards that looks like a phone book!

Multi-Cam Master Camera CardsPrint Camera Cards

Neat, concise cards for each camera, automatically generated by MCM, giving them their own shots only, with as much detail as they need. No more working through the night hand-writing camera cards.

Multi-Cam Master's Live ModeUse Live Mode to guide you through the show

Live Mode presents a constantly streaming graphic representation of your show during the broadcast or recording. Easily controlled to remain in sync with what is actually happening, you'll soon find yourself relying entirely on MCM's live mode, and not even needing a running order! 

View Tutorials in the use of MCM

Take a look at some Tutorials in the use of MCM to see how easy it is to use, and to witness the power of the software for yourself.